Giveaway – Win a signed copy of my book for Mother’s Day

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who commented below and gave a wonderful insight into how they spend (or have spent) their Mother’s Day. The competition is now closed and a winner has been drawn. Once she answers her email, I’ll let you know her name.

There wouldn’t be a mum out there who doesn’t secretly hanker for a decent breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day without the forced cheeriness brought about by having to swallow cold tea or thickly slathered vegemite toast. I well remember the year my children triumphantly brought in a tray of creamy scrambled eggs, huge melon-sized smiles on their faces. It was a triumph for them and memorable for me because it was so damned good.

That’s the problem if no one else in the family cooks. You have to eat whatever they come up with and be really polite about it. No wonder so many take their mums out for lunch to avoid disappointment.

Mother’s Day is two weeks away and it’s time to start dropping loud hints for gifts. Don’t tell me you don’t hint loudly, how else will you get that really nice piece of jewellery and not another macaroni necklace?

For those who would like to combine the best of all possible worlds, you could do a lot worse than ask for a copy of my book for Mother’s Day. Once opened, I strongly suggest you leave it lying around, open at the page of the meal you’d like cooked for you later that day. Or any other day of the year. After all, Mother’s Day should be every day, should it not?

So, to help give you a welcome break from cold tea, I have a personally dedicated book to give away for an awesome Mother’s Day present. If you can put up with my messy scrawl, I’m happy to write whatever name you want in time for you or your Mum to enjoy on Sunday 13th May.

Just write a comment below about your most memorable Mother’s Day (either from when you were a child or now as a parent) to be in the (computer generated random selector thingy) draw. The competition ends 7pm Wednesday 2nd May Eastern Standard Time to ensure it arrives in plenty of time for your big day.

Good luck everyone!

100 thoughts on “Giveaway – Win a signed copy of my book for Mother’s Day”

  1. I think the most memorable present I have recieved is a handmade picture from my eldest daughter when she was about 6. They were asked to write down the most favourite thing their mum does for them. To my mortification at the time my daughter came up with the sterling line of I love my mum cause she makes me nice toast!! I think back now and laugh but at the time wanted to reassure her teacher she did eat things other than toast at home lol

  2. My brother and I managed to serve Mym a glass of vegetable oil and a puff pastry sandwich.
    The oil was foolishly stored in an apple juice bottle and for pre-literate kids the block of pastry in the fridge looked enough like cheese….

  3. My first Mother’s Day as a new mum would have to be the most memorable. Although my five month old son had no clue it was Mother’s Day, I felt insanely delirious the entire day that I had joined the ranks! Love being a mum!

  4. I would love a copy of the book like a lot of ppl now money is so tight and im trying to find good healthy recipes for my family of 6

  5. The most memorable Mothers Day for me was my mothers last one, in 2007, about a month before she died of ovarian cancer. We went for a short bushwalk in my hometown in the Dorrigo National Park, walked out on the skywalk, and had a delicious lunch. Mum had the lasagna and salad. I don’t really remember any other Mothers Days’ and i had been around for 39 of them. This one will be in my memory for life.

  6. Mother’s day was never really a big deal in our house growing up (or fathers day) but it was the obligatory card and something small, which I am sure was appreciated by my mum.

    These days, everyone seems to want to outdo each other with what they buy people, when really, all mums want is peace and quiet! (Well I do now that I am a mum!)

    My mum loves your site, and if I were to win, I would pass the book on to her as a kick arse present!

  7. Love all my past mothers days….. Handmade gifts, sleep in and then breakfast in bed, lots of cuddles and a rule all day that there is no kids fighting :). Love being a mum to my four kids

  8. My most memorable mothers day was last year, when me then 1 year old son bought me in a plate of Vegemite toast (he obviously had help cooking it, and nearly lost it several times on the way in) he then climbed up on the bed next to me and helped me eat it. I’ll remember that mother’s day forever!

  9. I would so give this to my mum, she loves your site.

    My best mothers day… I love how my girls think its such a big deal, when really I would just like a morning to myself and some peace and quiet! hahahaha.

  10. My most memorable one I think is this one coming.. yesterday I got my 3yo son to wrap a photo of he & I for his great grandmother. He said to me ” Mummy you only get presents for your own mummy on mothers day and she’s not your mum or my mum. But that’s ok you can still be my friend”. Then I asked what I was getting and he told me ” that’s a secret mummy”.

  11. My most memorable mother’s day has to be the first one. My daughter was 10 months old and starting to say Mama and meaning me! Nothing beats your first…

  12. I don’t think I have one particular Mothers Day that is sticks in my mind, they have all been equally special. I still get hand made gifts from my daughters, only now instead of getting memo pads from kindy with little hand prints on them, I get exquisite hand painted bookmarks or paintings from my youngest, and scrapbooked family photos to hang on the wall from my eldest. No matter how old they get, they will always be my babies.

  13. About 6 years ago my hubby and I went for an impromptu trip to visit my mum (5 hour deive away) the mothers day weekend. I rang her from the car out the front and was asking what you doing how are you – when she told me she was out the back feeding the chooks I jumped the back fence and met her there … The surprise was awesome – we had a lovely weekend and I got to take her out for breakfast.

  14. The Year i was pregnant with my daughter my partner brought us a new car. The following year he brought us a new house. I wonder what the pressie will be this year i cant wait to find out. I would settle for a copy of this book :)

  15. When my oldest daughter was 3 I trained her to say “diamonds” when her Dad asked “what will we buy Mummy for Mothers Day?” …..or so I thought! The day before Mums day he asked me why I wanted “doughnuts” for Mothers Day!! Ah well, better luck next time!

  16. I’m glad it’s a randomly generated selection, ‘cos my favourite memory of Mother’s Day, which still has pride of place on my fridge, is also a drawing that my boyo did in preschool (aged about 3), also along the ‘what’s your mother’s favourite thing to do?’ line. It’s memorable because a) it’s the first recognisably ‘human’ figure I’d ever seen him do (and I’m beaming), and b) because I cracked up when I realised that *his* idea of my favourite thing was baking *him* a chocolate cake. I do love baking, though. :)

  17. I don’t really have a most memorable mother’s day for either me or my mum. I don’t get breakfast in bed because I hate eating in bed, but I always open my presents while I’m in bed and of course I never have to cook on Mother’s Day (don’t know if that is a good or bad thing!).

  18. Sadly, my most memorable mothers day – as a mother – was my first. How special you would think, my very first mother’s day! I hoped for flowers… maybe a special “your first mother’s day card”. That was my first mistake – hoping but not saying anything! My darling husband bought me a DVD. Not too bad, but it was Al Gore’s “An inconvenient truth”. Why that DVD I asked? (failing to see the mother’s day connection). Well… apparently I’d expressed an interest in it! He really is a darling! :-) I continue to hope (and now hint) that another mother’s day memory may supplant this one!!! My little one is still too little for the cold tea and toast trick, but she LOVES spreading her own bread, so I can see it’s not far off!

    Thanks for being so generous to offer a dedicated book Sandra!

  19. When i was growing up breakfast in bed was unheard of in our house, although i have no idea why but since becoming a mum i too have had my share of cold toast and milky tea. However, my most memorable Mothers Day would be when a girl friend and her kids stayed over and we had a lovely mothers day together because the men were off enjoying a motorcycle club weekend which was, yet again, scheduled for the 2nd Sunday in May.

  20. My best Mothers’ Day was a couple of years ago when the kids first really switched on to the whole celebration idea. I was offered a menu so I could choose my meals (OK, so some of them were takeaway!) and under Dad’s direction, they managed to create a breakfast “face” from eggs, bacon and mushrooms. They worked really hard and reached their goal of making me feel special. :)

  21. My most memorable (and only mothers day so far!) was last year – it was literally the day after we’d moved house. My washing machine wasn’t fitted and was leaking, I had two overflowing buckets of dirty nappies needing washing and I couldn’t find anything anywhere. Breakfast was a freshly-opened box of cereal at 9:30am, drowned in way too much room-temperature milk from a UHT carton. I did get a lovely card with a drawing from my 8 month old, but it was accompanied by a new pair of socks. The rest of the day didn’t improve much from there! Fingers crossed this year is better, although at 39 weeks pregnant I’m still thinking it may not be much fun.

  22. my most memorable Mothers day was mothers day May 11 2003, just over a month before my son was due to be born. I had to have an emergency ultrascan at my doctors surgery as my son was very small and they thought my amniotic fluid was disappearing. there on the tv screen was a fuzzy baby shape not doing much at all when all of a sudden he waved to me! That I think was the best mothers day present I’ve ever received.

    He was born a month early, emergency Cesarean and thankfully although only 3 pounds he was pretty much perfect.

  23. Probably the most memorable one for me (and I love them all) was the year I got a ceramic bobble headed sheep. The thing I love with letting my girls pick presents is they genuinely get me the things that they think are the absolute coolest and to them this ceramic bobble head sheep was the best thing they had ever seen. Unfortunately other parents from the school mothers day stall didn’t see things my way – with a number of them getting pigs and cows….they took them as personal insults LOL. I have to admit that I am the weirdo that looks forward to macaroni necklaces (that sit next to my tiffanys necklace in my jewellery box) and I wear them out frequently.

  24. My very first while I was pregnant. I had an awful pregnancy, I vomited the whole way through,my poor partner had tried to cheer me up by taking me to dinner, but I couldn’t keep anything down for long. I was truly despairing and terribly depressed by the time we had returned home, I felt I unable to enjoy anything, not even my very first mother’s day. My son to be though, rewarded me that day with his first kick, a right royal boot to the kidney. I will never forget it!!

  25. Mine wasn’t actually Mothers Day but my 49th birthday. My youngest daughter was studying and living in Melbourne, my eldest daughter and her husband were heading to London to live and work and would not be around when I turned 50, so before they headed off they flew dd2 up from Melbourne to surprise me. BEST Mothers Day I ever had, I was shocked and surprised cause she had phoned me from Melbourne to wish me happy birthday not long before she was sitting in my lounge room in south west Sydney

  26. We’re not big on doing presents etc for days such as mother’s or father’s day, valentines day or even our wedding anniversary. We like to acknowledge the day by doing something, cooking something and going somewhere. The three mother’s days I’ve had so far have all been simple, spent with family and a little pampering, or even better some help with the housework. Probably the most memorable was last year, have a brand new three day old baby girl. I spent most of the day gazing at her, snuggling with her and resting – it was blissful.

  27. We always had family breakfasts in bed. All four of us, mum and dad at top end and brother and I at the bottom. One year, my brother and dad got into a tickle fight, food everywhere and brother fell of the bed and came close to crashing through the second stores picture windows until dad caught him by the ankle.

  28. My favourite memory would be being in hospital with my tiny new born twin girls! What an introduction to motherhood. They’ll be 11 very soon. I don’t remember any of the food except the Paul’s custards they gave the feeding mothers to boost their calcium intake. I still feel emotional at the flavor and texture of that custard!

  29. My girls are still little so I ask hubby to help them make me a card and we go out to take photos. I hope there are lots of lovely mothers days ahead.

  30. My favourite mothers day memory was in 2003 When I was 16 after giving my grandmother (because my mum and I were not an still aren’t on speaking terms) a silver engraved frame that said “best substitute mum, fantastic grandmother and greatest friend. I love you” and had a photo of her and I from when I was about 5. It brought tears to her eyes. Made me so happy. Though I do love mothers day as a mum but if I want anything, even a card I have to buy it or help my munchkins make it myself. Hubby is a bit slack.

  31. My favourite mothers day moments (cause there is 2) other than the last 4 years worth as a mum were 1) last year cause it was also my first wedding anniversary so double spoilt by my husband and two munchkins and 2. When I was 16 (2004) and living with my nan (cause me and my mum weren’t and still aren’t on speaking terms) and I gave her a handmade card and an engrave silver frame with “best substitute mum, fantastic grandmother and greatest friend. I love you” on it. It brought tears to my eyes, and it is still one of her most treasured possessions.

  32. I have a mothers day card made my my son when he was in prep that I still carry around it my wallet 7 years later,. It was the first “real” writing he had done and carefully spelt out on pink paper and purple texta how much he loved me. Beautiful, simple treasures

  33. I don’t have a particularly stand out Mother’s Day. If I have to chose one it would be the first or rather the days after the first when I was sitting around listening to all the glorious first Mother’s day gifts my girlfriends had just received – to then say my husband had bought me a pair of fluffy slippers – Why? Because I needed them! Anyway the presents really haven’t got any better and I now have 4 children. The children now they are a bit older try and make something special for me – the youngest 7 – usually writes me lots of lovely cards and messages – which I keep. I really would appreciate a copy of your book. I have borrowed a copy from the library. So would love my own,

  34. My most memorable Mother’s Day was being invited to my yongest son’s Pre-Primary class 3 years ago for a Mother’s Day dinner. The whole class had helped prepare the dinner and had hand made placemats for each of their mothers, crafted flower centrepieces for the table, and a live singing performance. At the end of the evening, the class sang skiddy-mer-ink-a-doo and a gave their mummy a little back massage. By the end of the evening, I was moved to tears but such thoughfulness and compassion displayed by each of the gorgeous children towards their Mums. By the way, my placemat for the whole world to see, stated that I was 16 (38 at the time) and my favourite food was pumpkin!! I still have my placemat ……

  35. My first mothers’day of them all the best took me 38 years to get there, but how special it was to have my very own family!! Now am going to shareit with our 3 kids – love them to pieces and oh, how lucky I am!

  36. My most memorable mothers day, would have to be my first….
    Given birth on the Monday and was still in hospital on the Sunday ( back in the days when they kept you in for the week) what a great way to spend a mothers day.(not )
    Now 5 kids later and quite a few foster children everyday for me is mothers day

  37. my very first mothers day was oh so memerable but the one that always leaves a mark on me is when my kids came home from the mothers day stall with their $1 face washer a cake of soap and a hand made card they were so excited to give me a gift on mothers day and i still have the face washers too

  38. My most memorable moment was seeing our mum’s reaction when she received our presents that year :) My sister and I made her a small video, that took a lot of days of filming and editing, and we also bought her some perfume and lipgloss. The handmade card we gave her, and writing her a message in the best grammatically correct Vietnamese that we could write despite being born over here. With her and Dad sending us to Viet school over here, we both could write Viet quite fluently, so our messages reached her, and she teared up and smiled :) My mum rarely ever tears up, so to see her being extremely happy like this was a very special moment for my sister and I :)

  39. Mother’s Day is not about the gifts that we give or receive but about having a mother that I cherish and being a mother with two gorgeous boys that enrich my life each and every day. On Mother’s Day I take the time to reflect on the wonderful moments that occur each and everyday and that is truly the best gift.

  40. Whilst all my mothers days have been wonderful, I’m really looking forward to this up coming one. My son has just started school and now that he knows how to write he takes great pride in making cards for his friends. Can’t wait to see ‘Happy Mothers Day’ and ‘I love you’ written in his own hand writing – that is truely going to be special!

  41. My most memorable mother’s day was actually two years ago when I got the macaroni necklace, which I proudly wore all day. I felt like I’d made it that day.

  42. My most memorable mother’s day was when my eldest was in preschool & I received my first ‘school’ made card – a large hand drawn love heart filled with hundreds & thousands glued to the middle of it. I love it so much that it is still in my bedside table drawer! It makes my heart soar (and a tear to my eye) each time I read it (and the hundreds & thousands falling off).

  43. My most memorable mother’s day was last year – my daughter wrote the card and signed it for the first time. Literacy is a wonderful thing!

  44. Two years ago when my daughter was ten she gave me a beautiful list of the top ten reasons why your the best mum. One answer – I like most dinners you cook. If I win this book, hopefully it will be ALL dinners I cook!

  45. We rarely pay too much attention to Mothers’ Day here; cuppa and breakfast in bed, and whatever the kids made at school or kinder. But two years ago DH completely forgot my birthday (in Feb). He even took the kids down to buy me something a few days before, but they acted up and he was tired and grumpy, so he just brought them home, and then forgot all about it.
    I can tell you, that Mothers’ Day was memorable. I told him it had better be.

  46. I have had my share of funny mother’s breakfasts and hand made treats. A few years ago I had to have a full pelvic clearance and was in hospital then. My children came with so many flowers. Little people and huge arrangements are fun.

  47. My husband and I surprised my mum one mothers day with a lovely picnic on the beach. My sister, mum and dad were sitting on the beach and my mum had no idea we were coming because we lived 4 hours away at the time

  48. My most memorable was my first mothers day which happened to be my mums last. It was great to spend it with my new son & enjoy the delight of my mothers to be spending it with her first grandson.

  49. My most memorable Mother’s day was 2004 when I was pregnant with my second child and my first was old enough to go to a “fancy” restaurant with us. My brother took me and my mother to a wonderful restaurant and we all had a good time. My oldest (18 months old) was content to just sit and eat and enjoy our company. It was like she knew this was a special day, so no wearing the food on her face or throwing bits on the floor. LOL. Both girls are old enough to help me cook now and we’d all enjoy exploring the recipes in your book together.

  50. Just in general I look forward to either the hand made gift (macaroni photo frame!) Or the gift from the stall at school (soap, hanky, book) & I loveovr live the breaky in bed. Mia

  51. My parents can’t hear in restaurants so my three sisters and I each pick a course and cook something like you’d get at a restaurant. We have a big lunch, each invite someone who can’t be with their mother and my dad opens his cellar. If anyone turns up by car, dad confiscates their keys when they walk in the door!

  52. My first Mother’s day, 2009. My husband cooked the most awful pancakes I have ever tasted, but they were made with love. Luckily we had lunch with my Mum and Grandma – 4 generations, a really special day.

  53. Although i am a step mum of 4 i have never had a ‘mothers day’. So my most memorible mothers day would be growing up making my mum breakfast in bed of burnt toast with honey and a cup of coffee. Dad also used to give my sister and I $5 to go and buy her something at the local sunday market, so that usually ended up being talc powder or handkerchiefs lol.

  54. The year my eldest daughter was in Prep she made me a frame with a photo of herself in it. It is beautifully painted (by her) and it sits on my dresser in my room. It’s very special and I’ll treasure it always

  55. I’m a single mum and by some stroke of luck (or unluckiness) I haven’t had many mother’s day mornings with my son. Last year I did though and was greeted with some wonderful cold toast with lots of cinnamon sugar on it, just how he likes it, so I knew it was from the heart :)

  56. Would have to be when I was about 8 years old and made Mum scrambled eggs – thought I was sprinkling chives into the egg mixture….umm no it was dried mint! Like a trooper Mum ate it all with a smile on her face!

  57. I think the most memorable Mother’s Day for me was one when I was away from home during my undergrad, and I gave my away-at-college “mum” a bunch of flowers, and some of the other mums/women at church cried. It was sweet but kind of hilarious.

  58. i was eager to get in the kitchen as a kid, it was my way of making sure i had a supply of cake or cookies or pudding (sure mum would moan that i’d used up the butter or the eggs or the flour lol.. or the mess i’d left and the dishes i hated doing) around this time i’d also learnt fried bacon and fried eggs on toast (or really bad watery overcooked scrambled eggs).. my dad loved this kind of breakfast but every mothers day my mum would slowly poke thru it, until one mothers day i was told that she really didn’t like a fried breakfast and i was left to eat her breakfast with my dad. :/ I think about all those times that i could have come up with something else, but as a kid i perceived the fried breakfast as the most awesome breakfast and couldn’t understand why she didn’t like it.

  59. I’m not a mom, so the most memorable day of Mother’s Day I’ve lived as daughter. I think the most memorable day was that in which the three of us children have prepared lunch for mom and dad: we enjoyed it so much

  60. Having mother’s day with all the “mums” in my family together, my grandmother, my mum, myself with my children. All of us have such a loving relationship and I am so blessed to have them all in my life. I hope my children and I have the wisdom to follow on to create the sense of family that we have inherited from them. Especially their generosity of spirit!

  61. So cliche – but my First Mothers Day…. not having a Mother growing up to have the meaning of Mothers Day, I am now able to enjoy being a mother to my now 2 gorgeous girls. It is Mothers Day everyday.

  62. I had my4th baby, our 2nd little girl on mothers day 3 years ago and have since been blessed with another. the gift i would truly appreciate would be to wake up and find the fairies had done all the house work so i can do nothing ALL day, well we can dream can’t we?

  63. My best mothers day memory was when my 12 year old son had made me a teddy bear from a kit my mother had, it was beautiful he did it all himself , you could tell. I still have it 21 years later

  64. This is my first Mothers Day without my beautiful mum – so all my Mothers Days with her are special memories. My mum was well known as the person you never asked to bring a dish to a function – she was famous for her attempt at cooking a chicken by first washing it with Clothes Wash powder before roasting it. She definitely would have loved your website if it was around when she was a new mum.

  65. My favourite mothers days are ones where I get snuggles in bed with the kids and a few pressies to open and then get to do all the relaxing things that a mum doesn’t normally get to do in everyday life like movies and a manicure!

  66. Every Mothers day for me is memorable I just love how excited the kids are to bring me in some toast & tea, I love the homemade cards they make at school and now they attend a mothers day stall at school so they have lots of fun buying me all sorts of things as gifts. Its great being a Mum!!

  67. Unfortunately, my most memorable Mothers Day ended up with my mum complaining about the quality of the food at a Thai restaurant. ‘I can cook better than this,’ she declared and drove herself home, leaving Dad behind with the rest of us. Mum’s really averse to eating out. She thinks it’s a waste of money, and would rather make do at home.

  68. wow, lots of mothers day memories, from handmade cards, yep, the macaroni necklaces, hankies from the mothers day stalls, to lunch a few years ago at the beautiful fork to fork restaurant at Heronswood…!l don’t want presents from my now adult kids, l just want to enjoy their company and share a meal……maybe one from the cookbook!…..xx…….

  69. I have a great photo of 4 generations, 3 generations of mothers… – My Gran, my Mum and me with my 3yo and month old daughters – having lunch at a restaurant on Mothers Day, 5 years ago. My Gran died 3 years ago, and gee, I miss her. She was a typical Gran – she did lots of baking and as a little girl I got to stand on a box beside her in her old fashioned kitchen and “help” her.

  70. I love my children bringing me delicious goodies to me in bed each Mothers Day, along with handmade cards and drawings. Fresh coffee, croissants with melted chocolate, lots of hugs…….a wonderful start to the day!!!

  71. The Mother’s Day that I gave Mum a large tin of International Roast Coffee and she was very upset with that! (even though it was/is her favorite coffee.)

  72. Last year for Mother’s Day my husband, 3 year old daughter and I went up to Jurien Bay from Perth to spend the weekend with my Mum. My Mum & step-father live in a caravan park so when we go visit we either have to sleep outside under the patio or rent a van/cabin. No biggy only one night. We will sleep outside. Saturday went okay. Miss 3 was a bit cranky but got her off to sleep okay. Woke up in the morning Miss 3 was still a bit cranky and had some red marks on her. Brushed it off as mozzie bites. Miss 3 got crankier and crankier. Didn’t want to go for a walk. Didn’t want to eat. She was being more and more difficult. By 11 I chucked it in and we went home. Miss 3 slept pretty much the whole way home. Monday red marks are still there but still sure they were just mozzie bites from sleeping outside. Monday arvo – at daycare pickup – Yeah Jayne I think Miss 3 has chicken pox as the marks are spreading. So off to the Doctors yep Chicken Pox. Impounded for the week. Felt absolutely terrible that I hadn’t picked up on the chicken pox thing but neither had Grandma – the ex nurse.

  73. Hi Sandra, i love your recipes and would love a copy of your book! Every Mother’s Day since i have become a Mum 5 and a half years ago is special and wonderful, along with Christmas it is my favourite day of the year! I have 4 little ones, my youngest is 6 weeks old. Love being Mummy to my children it is a privilige and a blessing.

  74. My first ever Mother’s Day, 20 years ago. I had just had my first (of four) son at the end of April. I’m sure this is why my favourite season is Autumn, it was the most perfect weather and I was in my baby bliss bubble…….3 more baby boys later, age range 20 yrs to 8 months, I love every Mother’s Day (and every day!) with all 4 of my Babies xoxo !

  75. We always used to prepare elaborate handwritten menus and make up fancy names for otherwise ordinary dishes to go with Mum’s breakfast in bed. BTW, congrats on the book!

  76. My most memorable mother’s day was the day that I became a mother! My beautiful son was born on the 13th May 2005. We also made it on that nights news a funny way to let everyone know that the baby had arrived :)

  77. My first mothers day, i had a 6 week old little boy, had just turned 20 and wondered if life could ever get any better! (Amazingly it has, this mothers day i will celebrate with my husband and my four children and as long as we are together it will be a great day)

  78. When were were celebrating Mother’s Day a few years ago, my sister wanted to give mum a mothers day pressie, so she wouldn’t have to iron. My sister started to iron but managed to iron her hand and burnt it quite badly…now everytime we have mothers day roll around we remember this…my poor sister & poor mum she felt guilty too.

  79. my most memorable mothers day was a few years ago when I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and just concentrate on making my mother happy. I was recently seperated adn there was no one to help my boys remember mothers day (although I would have received some school or kindy gifts) so i though rather than regret what should have been, I would take my mother and my aunt on a picnic, with my boys there too, and we fussed over the old dears and made them lunch and dessert and generally gave them a good day.
    it’s the one that sticks out in my mind as it wasnt about me, it was about me giving to someone else!

  80. 1984, we had just moved into our own home and our youngest son was born, we took him home on mother’s day and my mum was visiting from the country, then about 12 years later he chose the most loving card for me and then about 5 years ago when he moved into his own home and we all celebrated mother’s day and his birthday and his housewarming.

  81. I have been very lucky to have shared many amazing Mother’s Day memories over the last 9 years with my own gorgeous children, but when asked this question, I can’t help but to think back on how proud I was when I gave my mum (a huge Collingwood supporter) the most hugest black and white crepe flower from the Mother’s Day stall at school. This thing was at least a metre tall, and looking back, quite hideous. Yet, my beautiful mum kept it for years! Gifts have become a little more sophisticated since then, but just as sincere and thoughtful….

  82. Im not a “real” mum, but I love how my partner’s son hugs me and says “Love ya” before he goes to bed at night. That’s all the present I want.

  83. Last Mother’s Day as it was my first Mother’s Day…but every day is like Mother’s Day with all the hugs and kisses and memories we create each day

  84. Most memorable would be my first, however the funniest would be when I came downstairs to find my tiny daughter desperately crouched over the ducted heating with some slices of bread- trying to make toast!

    Would love a copy of your book X Y

  85. My son was born sick and had to be in special care for the first few days of his life. He came out of his humidicrib on Mother’s Day. It was the best present ever,

  86. I already have a copy of your wonderful book, but would like another to give my dear friend who is going through a rough patch. My most memorable Mother’s day breakfast in bed was Oysters, champagne and OJ with a prawn and avocado croussant made by my lovely daughters…these are my favourite foods…yum!!!!

  87. My best mothers day was when my daughter was a newborn, she was born in April. We spent mothers day with my mum & grandmother – 4 generations!

  88. Did I miss a post or something? I keep coming back to this page and there is no update? Maybe my computer is missing the right link….

    1. There have been no updates recently Nan – I hope to rectify this with a new collection of recipes in the next few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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